Idle Monster Frontier

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Jun 21, 2019


Push the frontier, Capture monsters and Evolve the perfect team.

Idle Monster Frontier is a monster capture and battle game where you can evolve powerful teams of monsters using a unique skill and leveling system.

- Battle monsters, including Dragons and Zombies, from 4 different idle monster tribes.

- Collect monsters from every tribe to balance your idle monster team.

- Power up your monsters by teaching them new skills to absorb and deal massive damage.

- Build your base to enhance your abilities and cook up potions and epic scrolls while you're offline.

- Conquer different zones by defeating huge bosses to unlock new monsters and skills as you push further into the world.

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Mouse only. Instructions in-game. Use mobile-style "tap and drag" to scroll scrollable areas (indicated by bouncing arrow.)

July 28, 2021

v2.0.0 - Change color of boss rarity tabs to match common monsters - Add Treant, rare healer to Humans - Enable platform transfer between all platforms, not just web to mobile - Add tutorial message upon unlocking second team - Change Aether schedule so that Aether events always occur on the second friday of every month. This is to make room for new types of events in the future. - Fix overflow of price of greater dummy learn after 10 learns which caused the contributing monster to be consumed. - Fix Ranger to do what it says in description - Fix tribute progress bar not switching to a claim button when observing the end of the timer - Fix gold booster to display doubled values of drops and offline gold (it was working, just not showing) - Fix third team tab to not steal clicks from second team tab - Fix Banish scroll to always banish from the nearest team if possible - Fix overflow of DPS/HPS display for values over 9Q

April 30, 2021

v1.9.3 - Add third team IAP

April 4, 2021

v1.9.2 - Fix Nimble - Fix in-game Discord link - Fix tribe mentioned by Bushido in player's guide
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